3 Easy Ways to Create Major Buzz for Your Event

by MWB News | Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014 | 1090 views

Social mediaThe social media arena is a tricky playing field. It doesn’t proclaim any winner, but it surely puts down the underdogs.

When organizing an event, your social media visibility is important. You need to reach a wide audience to create major buzz, which is mostly the measurement of an event’s success.

1. Get them hooked.

According to social media experts like zooseo.com, it is important to make some noise before, during, and after your event. A few weeks before the event, coordinate with your social media marketing arm. Have media personalities tweet about the upcoming event. This kind of anticipation from popular icons can drive attention towards your event.

Upon the registration of your guests, hand over social media kits, including the hashtags that they should use. Provide links that contain the video teasers for the event, and wait until your participants tweet or post on Instagram about how they enjoyed the night.

2. Bring your A-Game.

To encourage your participants to post about your event, have a social media coordinator who would browse the feeds and repost some of the best feedbacks. You can even start a Twitter chat, so your event would have a wider reach. Show your appreciation for their support, assuring them with more enjoyable events. This might also spark interest from the non-participants, who may start anticipating your upcoming events.

3. Engage in conversations.

With a hands-on social media coordinator, you can produce a play-by-play action on the Web. Apply a consistent brand on your tweets, so that users would recognize your company while admiring your event. Highlight the most important parts and connect with your audience. Reply to some of their posts and give the others a few hints about your future events.

Remember that your social media efforts should not end with your event. As the social media behavior of users tends to change drastically over time, you need to keep posting. Establish constant communication and interaction with your audience, so you can keep them.

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