3 Easy Ways to Restore Your Metal Fence

by Fern Devito | Monday, Sep 10, 2018 | 483 views

Metal FenceA metal fence is one of the most durable fences. But just like the others, it’s also subject to corrosion and damage. Experts in mobile welding services in Edmonton can help you fix the problems. Here are three other ways to make an old, worn metal fence look new again.

Entrench Loose Posts

As soon as you notice fence posts that have set loose in their concrete base, veer away from yanking or kicking them straight again. Doing so only weakens the integrity of the concrete and can bend the posts. Simply drill down beside the crooked post. After that, use quick drying sand to refill the drill holes, so your fence becomes straight and level once again.

Remove Dust

If your fence is made of wrought iron, it will rust at some point. Few things can diminish a fence’s visual appeal as rust can. What you need to do is use an emery cloth to remove the dust. Avoid using sandpaper, as it tends to tear more easily. Don’t worry if you’re unable to remove all of the dust on the iron fence. The objective is to make the surface smooth enough so you can paint on it.

Apply Paint

Now that you have a smooth surface, it’s time to apply a fresh coat of paint to get your fence shiny and beautiful once again. Before painting the fence, apply a rust neutralizer, a paint conditioner, and a primer. Then choose a high quality, direct-to-metal paint, as it adheres better on metal and gives it a superb finish.

When your metal fence gets old and drab, you don’t have to replace it just yet. By using a few easy tactics, you can get it looking new once again.

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