3 Strategies to Get Customers to Promote Your Brand

by MWB News | Monday, Apr 10, 2017 | 319 views

Customers with Shopping BagsBrand loyalty are words that businesses want to associate with their customers, but there’s another level of commitment that you should aim for. That is brand evangelism. The latter describes consumers who are beyond loyal, they speak about or are active advocates of your products and services.

These brand evangelists are more than willing to work on your behalf to attract more customers and expand your market share. Abacusprint.com.au and other experts on custom promotional products list the following ways to encourage this behaviour:

Sharp Brand Differentiation

Some of the fiercest and most loyal sports fan bases came out of a response to a rivalry, the Lakers and the Celtics in the 80s is one example. By applying the same concept to your brand, you get customers to see a rival company. You are likely to steer them into being vocal and align their perceptions with your organisation when you execute this strategy properly.

Use this to your advantage by clearly differentiating your brand from the competitors. You don’t have to turn the competition into an enemy, you simply have to make your customers’ experience starkly different.

Pay Attention to Loyalty

It takes time and effort to turn a customer into a brand evangelist, and they have to go through a process first before they become one. As a brand, cultivating loyalty is the first step to achieving this goal. Deliver on promises and create a value proposition that stands out, providing customers with unique and positive experiences that will inch them closer to evangelising your products or services.

Encourage Participation

When customers participate it does things for you because every time a customer participates, they begin to feel they are part of a community and feel affection for your brand. It also builds loyalty and the more they join activities it starts to become a habit. Get your customers to post several times about your products or services by asking questions, announcing updates and contributing to the brand’s community.

These are a handful of strategies may turn loyal customers into brand evangelists. The latter is a more avid follower and active participant of your company. They are willing to go the extra mile to promote you and get others to choose you over the competition.

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