3 Ways to Boost Your Volkswagen’s Fuel Efficiency

by Fern Devito | Friday, Nov 9, 2018 | 336 views

Fuel Efficiency for Volkswagen CarsMost of the times, what comes next after you buy a home is the need to have a car as well. It’s a milestone you want to make. But you must start by learning how to save on car expenses so that you don’t buy your car now and the next month you are listing it for sale.

Here are some of the best ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Read on and be enlightened.

Check on weight

To reduce the number of trips they have to make, most drivers do stuff their vehicles with a lot of cargo. When you subject your Volkswagen engine to this kind of weight routinely, the damages can be severe and may cost you a big deal of cash in repairs. So choose your Volkswagen auto service centre carefully.

It is imperative to always check on the weight of luggage that you carry, so you keep your engine working optimally hence reduce fuel consumption.

Reduce Drag

Aerodynamic drag does happen when you mount stuff such as rucksacks and suitcases on top of your car. In as much as the idea can help you spare some space inside your vehicle, they also cause a lot of resistance.

For the engine to equally keep up with this resistance, it has to work harder which translates to a gallon or so of extra fuel consumed. So, if you can find space for your luggage inside your car, the better.

Check on tire pressure

Tire pressure is also another aspect that can affect your car’s gas mileage. Check on your car manual to see what amount of pressure is optimum for your tires. Underinflated tires cause rolling resistance. This makes it hard for the engine to propel your car, and when you force the vehicle to run at the highest speed, the more fuel you burn in the process.

The fact that you can afford an expensive car doesn’t mean you spend your cash impulsively. It’s also important to know that there are surprises that will likely arise in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, the little you save on fuel could just come in handy at such a desperate moment.

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