4 Bed Bug Hideouts Inside Your Home

by MWB News | Friday, Nov 11, 2016 | 625 views

Bed Bug Control in ElkhartBed bugs can become a big problem, especially when they are not addressed as quickly as possible. Having these inside your home can bring in problematic sleeping patterns to any of your family members. What’s even worse is that they can’t only be found in your bed; rather, they can also be spotted in any other spaces inside your house, such us in the living room and home office, among others.

One of the best tricks to eliminate these bed bugs is to know where they usually hide. Discussed below are some common areas where these bed bugs normally hang out. Read on.


Yes, your headboard is one of the most favorite spots where bed bugs breed. You can usually find them under or on the slits in your headboard. You may also look closely at your bed frame or your footboard. You should check for physical signs of bed bugs in any slots in your bed so you can prevent them from spreading in other areas in your home.

Chair or Sofa

You can find these bed bugs between the seams of your chair or sofa. To check if they are hiding in your couch, you may fit your hand in between the seams. If the texture of the cloth seems unnatural, then there is a chance that they are hanging out there.


It is also very likely that they can be located in your closet, especially if you have not cleaned it for a long time already. Start taking out your clothes to check if there are signs of bed bug infestation.


There is a possibility that these bed bugs are hiding in between the fold of your curtains. It is also very likely that you can spot them in the small cracks of your windows.

These are only some of the most common places where bed bugs usually breed. Knowing these areas can help you win the war against bed bug infestation inside your home. If you wish to solve your problem as quickly and effectively as possible, calling the help of bed bug control Elkhart professionals is a wise move.

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