4 Secrets About Plumbers You Don’t Know

by MWB News | Thursday, Jun 30, 2016 | 764 views

Secrets About PlumbersHave you ever been curious about a plumber’s life? You probably only interact with them when you have a problem with drainage in your sink or toilet. However, there is more to a plumber than just their jobs. They live a normal life just like you and wake up in the morning to go to work just like everyone else.

The following are secrets you never get to hear about plumbers.

They find weird things apart from cellphones

If you thought cell phones are the only things that people accidentally flush down the toilet, then you will be surprised to hear other strange things that plumbers usually come across. This includes beer cans. Video game systems, and even false teeth. Sometimes plumbers come across live animals like badgers and rattlesnakes in pipes.

They have their own language

Plumbers spend a great deal of time around each other, and they end up becoming close friends. With time, they come up with a ‘lingo’ of their own which other people might never understand or even be shocked when they hear it for the first time. So when you hear a plumber say he wants a ‘nipple,’ don’t be astounded, he just means he wants a piece of pipe.

They have interesting stories to tell

Plumbers meet all kinds of people in the course of their job and therefore, they interact with so many people and come across all sorts of crazy and interesting encounters. Right here in Denver, in fact, plumbing service experts joke that they should be a documentary about the weird things plumbers experience.

Plumbers are just like you

Well, plumbers are just normal people like you. At the end of the day, they have to wind down, whether it’s catching up with buddies or playing with the kids. So don’t lose your temper at a plumber if the repair takes longer than expected.

Plumbing has been around for a long time; it’s a job just like any other. Plumbers not only work hard, but they actually enjoy their job. The above facts will aid you in understanding them more.

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