4 Simple Ways You Could Get the Best Trim for Your House

by MWB News | Saturday, Mar 10, 2018 | 121 views

a wooden garage doorNo home finishing project is complete without installing a trim. But, deciding on which type of trim is best for your home might not be as easy as some people assume, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Here is a brief guide to finding the best option for your house.

1. Decide the ideal trimming material

For a long time, wood baseboard molding has been preferred by many homeowners. That’s because wood is quite easy to work with, besides being elegant and rather affordable. Other materials include rubber and vinyl, but wood remains the most popular of all trimming.

2. Buy a little more trim than you think you need

Sure, it makes a lot of sense to cut costs when doing a finishing project, but it’s always a good idea to buy a little extra material. First of all, you avoid making costly trips back to the store for more material. Secondly, chances are you’re going to use up the material anyway.

3. Go for the pre-primed option

You already have your hands full with other tasks for the project, so save yourself the trouble of having to spend an entire day priming your trim on site. It’s not only tedious but also costly. And since there’s already primed trim in the store, why would you want to choose any other option?

4. Firmly secure the trim for transport

Nothing’s more annoying than transporting 16 feet of trim that keeps bouncing all the way from the store to the site. Avoid this by properly securing the load to the vehicle before leaving the shop. Securing the trim ensures that the material reaches the site in good condition.

Using the right trim for your house can make your living space more visually appealing. Take your time while buying so you end up with the best fit for your house.

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