4 Sources of Symbol Inspiration for Your Small Tattoos

by MWB News | Wednesday, May 17, 2017 | 267 views

Client getting a small tattooWhether it’s your first or fifteenth tattoo, there’s always a lot going on during the creative process. For those who want a big message expressed succinctly in a small tattoo, symbols and small images are good go-to options, especially when designed with a minimalist or modern twist.

So before you visit a famous tattoo shop Los Angeles, California, it might be worthwhile for you to check out these families of ancient symbols:

Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy is an adventurous and somewhat ambiguous medieval field of chemistry that looks at the transformation of matter, with a heavy tinge of philosophy. It originated from Egypt and Arabia, eventually expanding its influence to Greece and Rome. The word itself is born out of the Arabian phrase “al-kimia” which refers to the Egyptian practice of preparing the Stone or Elixir.

While most of the symbols refer to different metals and elements, these typically carry symbolic meanings. Gold, being one of the seven metals of alchemy, represents the perfection of all matter – may it be of the mind, spirit, or soul – which can be a meaningful thing to think about every time you glance at your tattoo.

Chinese symbols

Ancient China holds great wisdom that applies even until today, and its complexity is intricately embedded in its language. Influenced by Confucianism and Taoism, most Chinese characters have multiple meanings – and some represent sought-after ideals, such as prosperity, happiness, longevity, and harmony. The Chinese Zodiac and the elaborate characters for the elements (earth, water, fire, and wind) might also be good sources of inspiration for those seeking oneness with nature and Eastern philosophy.

Buddhist symbols

Buddhism is a respected and recognized religion for its unique viewpoint and value center principles. From the dharma wheel adorned with eight spokes that represent the Buddhist’s Noble Eightfold Path, to the lotus flower that symbolizes enlightenment, there will be no shortage of meaningful symbolism for your next body art.

Hindu Symbols

Hinduism is a religion rich in philosophy and symbolism. The Hindu symbols are divided into two main categories: mudras, which are represented by hand gestures and body positioning, and murti, which are icons and drawings. From the way prayers start with “om” to honor the three aspects of God – (the Brahma, the Vishnu, and the Shiva) to the way Shri Chakra symbol illustrates the unity between masculine and feminine divinity, you might just find the exact life meaning you are looking for in Hinduism.

No matter how big or small your tattoo design is, the symbol it carries can translate and make a permanent impact on your life. So, make sure it’s going to be one worth retelling, filled with a meaning close to your heart.

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