4 Step Process in Water Treatment

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Man working on a water treatment facilityThe water flowing in the pipes of American communities’ comes from various sources. Because of this, proper cleaning processes are necessary to make sure that the water is safe to use and can safely be consumed by people. While the whole process can be complicated as it involves the use of various types of chemicals, tools, and machines, it can be summarized in two: coagulation and flocculation.

Coagulation and flocculation involve filtering the water before being released to the public. They are both used in wastewater and drinking water treatment. Ashton Tucker Water Treatment explains that the entire process involves four steps, which will be discussed below.


This first step involves the introduction of coagulants to the water. Metal coagulants are chemicals composed of aluminum or iron. Other types of coagulants, such as magnesium carbonate, are sometimes also used. When these elements are mixed with water, the suspended particles are supposed to be thick.

Flash Mixing

Flash mixing is the process responsible for making the suspended particles unite and form a common bond. Once the chemicals are introduced, the water is quickly and forcefully mixed for at least 30 seconds to allow thorough distribution of chemicals. This process is important in ensuring that the particles are properly bonded together.


A slower and longer mixing known as flocculation follows. The process generally lasts for 30-45minutes. By the end of this step, flocs are formed and settle below the basin. The water is now almost clean because the dirt is separated from it by flocs.


This process transfers the water into a basin and waits for the flocs and other impurities to sink into the bottom. Clear and clean water will emerge after this process and is the one used by the people all over the country.
Think your tap water is easy to make? It might look like it, but it isn’t, so make sure you save and consume water wisely.

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