A Few Must-Have Items When Handling a Plastering Project

by Mwbnews | Saturday, Oct 14, 2017 | 27 views

Plastering Ceiling JointsHome improvement projects that involve plastering could leave your surfaces looking great and up to speed with the changes in the interior and exterior décor landscapes. Irrespective of whether your project requires painting, wallpapering or drywalls, having the right plastering supplies is important.

Below are a few must-have items that you need to make your project a complete success.


This one is important in your bag of plastering supply. Trowels are perhaps the most popular plastering tools. They are available in a range of sizes between 4" and 16". Ensure that you choose a tool that is ideal for your project needs. Also, make sure that the trowel you buy is made of stainless steel.

This protects your tool from rust or other related damages that create rough spots along the round corners.


Hawks are square metal pans that have a handle on one side. Their primary use is to hold the plaster as a contractor goes about coating the walls. Ideally, they serve as palettes and could come in handy when working on both small and large-scale projects.

They are rust resistant, and a single investment could last for a long time.

Mixers and drills

There are small mixers that could make work easier when mixing large quantities of paint or plaster. They are powered by electricity and may assist you in getting the job done in no time.

If you are not handling more than a gallon of paint or plaster, then you could use hand drills that have small extensions used for mixing.

Mud pans

You can use mud pans instead of hawks. They have stretched out dimensions used for holding plaster. If you were plastering your walls using a spatula, then this would be a must-have tool.

A majority of mud pans are not corrosion resistant, and it is, therefore, essential to clean them up when wrapping up the project every day.

There is a whole world of plastering supplies which include jointing knives, painting tools, work safety supplies, buckets, electric sanders, ladders and razor knives just to mention a few.  Fortunately, compared to most facets of the construction industry, plastering tools are broadly available.

They also tend to come at considerably pocket-friendly rates. A word of caution though; always ensure that you use high-quality sand for best results.

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