A Tourist’s Guide to Bodmin Jail

by Fern Devito | Monday, Apr 16, 2018 | 450 views

Prisoner in an old jailTravelling to the UK opens a lot of opportunities for the visitor. If you are a tourist visiting the country, you have historical sites, amusement parks and theatre performances to choose from.

But one particular destination that stands out is the Bodmin Jail. Once a prison housing convicted criminals in 18th century England, Bodmin Jail has now become a thriving tourist destination for history lovers and paranormal seekers.

Guided jail tours

The primary attraction of UK’s Bodmin Jail is its jailhouse tours that go underneath the premises. This is ideal for those curious about the area’s history, as well as those who want to seek paranormal experiences. The tour guide leads participants into dark rooms to give visitors an idea of the jail’s living conditions back in the 18th century.

Murder mystery activities

For those who want a suspenseful experience while getting their brain cells stimulated, the site conducts murder mystery activities. The participants have to watch and listen to a murder plot staged professionally. To solve the murder, they will have to ask the cast members some questions and inspect the murder scene to gather clues until they deduce the suspect.

Conferences and functions

Now that it is a repurposed venue, Bodmin Jail also offers services besides the usual guided tours to the jail depths. There are fully restored rooms that can accommodate people who need a venue for their gatherings or events. These include weddings or buffets, both of which have been held in the area already.

You should not forget to consider these three things in case you plan to go to Bodmin Jail. You can say the UK sure has eye-catching attractions.

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