Acne Remedies You Can Do at Home

by MWB News | Monday, Oct 15, 2018 | 305 views

acne under the chinAs far as skin problems go, acne can be a nuisance. From puberty to adulthood, people all over the world are plagued by this problem. Acne does not discriminate and—when left untreated—leaves unsightly scars.

The good thing is acne treatment is very much available, but prevention is always better than cure. So before you schedule an appointment for acne treatment in Salem, you might want to follow these easy and simple ways to prevent a pimple breakout.

Cleanliness Leads to Prevention

Dermatologists have yet to agree on a single cause of acne. Acne breakouts can be caused by multiple factors such as oily skin, the accumulation of dead skin cells, or even the presence of bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes.

But the easiest way to prevent pimples is by simply washing your face twice a day. Use a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser and warm water when doing so. It’s best to avoid rubbing your face too harshly to avoid irritation. After washing, dry your face with a soft face cloth or towel. Apply a thin layer of oil-free moisturizer to prevent dry and itchy skin.

Hydration Solution

The human body is made up of 70% water, so it’s no surprise that drinking plenty of water can help with your acne problem. An outbreak can be a sign that you’re not hydrated enough. Dehydration causes your body to produce more oil to keep it moisturized, which in turn, can cause irritation and acne.

Your diet should also be examined when it comes to preventing acne. Foods with a high glycemic index such as baked goods, artificially flavored foods like chips and sodas, and anything made with white flour can aggravate your pimples. Cutting these out can cut out your acne problem too.

As far as skin diseases go, acne—though annoying and unsightly—is easily treatable. Keeping these simple tips in mind can go a long way to giving you blemish-free, acne-free skin.

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