Aussie Travelling Behavior: Why Commercial Businesses Bloom in Australia

by MWB News | Monday, Sep 1, 2014 | 1195 views

World Class Destinations in AustraliaWith a stretch of pristine beaches and forests, Australia has been home to a number of holiday and vacation trips. Data shows that domestic travels went on 75.8 million overnight trips in 2013. Almost 70% of these trips are within the traveller’s home state, while interstate trips have risen by 3%.

Commercial business like apartments and resorts bloom because of the increasing population of holiday goers. Tourism Research Australia’s (TRA) latest National Visitor Survey presents a 47% overnight visit during the holiday.

Leisure travels include staying in resorts and hotels.

TRA 2013 survey indicates that most visitors prefer to spend their nights in commercial accommodations, such as resorts, hotels and motels. Only 37.9% of visitors stay in the houses of their family and friends.

With this, many commercial businesses boost their marketing arm in Gold Coast management rights for sale. As the sixth largest Australian city, the world class holiday destination features large subtropical rainforest remnant in the world. Holidaymakers can splurge in some of their huge duty free outlets and shopping centres for souvenirs.

Affordable opportunities encourage domestic travels.

Analysing the travelling behaviour, researchers explain that more and more Australians prefer flying rather than driving to local holiday destinations. This means that the growing availability of low-priced airfares would encourage Australians to fly to their favourite or newly discovered holiday destinations, according to a recent research.

Word class destinations attract local and foreign visitors.

From September 2012 to 2013, experts have observed that more than a million visitors from Australia have flown to New Zealand for nature exploration. A travel and tourism expert notes that with relatively affordable rates and world-class experience, it has earned the title as the most visited overseas destination in Australia.

Australia flourishes as a fertile ground for tourism-related businesses. With a balanced place for modern lifestyles and holiday breaks, the country enjoys a diverse culture of local and foreign visits. Its small and large islands, and rainforests carry natural reserves that travellers simply cannot resist.

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