Basic Types of Construction Fasteners

by MWB News | Thursday, Oct 4, 2018 | 586 views

different screwsConstruction fasteners play a vital role in every construction project since it holds most of the pieces together. The right fasteners for your construction project should depend on the materials that you’ll be using to maximise their performance. However, how do you know which ones to choose? Here are a few fasteners used in construction projects today:


Nails are probably the most basic construction fasteners. You can purchase them in bulk or a collated form held together by paper, plastic or wire. Nails are known to drive in swiftly but have less holding power compared to screws.


Screws are another type of construction fasteners commonly used today. They provide more strength and holding power compared to nails. They’re also perfect for projects that need to be disassembled. According to HowStuffWorks, most screws have slot heads that easily fit most screwdrivers. They also come in varieties such as wood, roundhead, sheet metal, and machine screws.


Anchors are used to attach various materials to concrete. Although there are several variations of anchors available today, each of them has a threaded end that can easily be fastened to a nut and washer.


Washers are used to distribute the weight of a threaded faster. These are thin plates that can be used as springs, locking devices, spacers and wear pads.

These are just the primary construction fasteners that you can choose for your project. Ensure that you choose which fastener is right for your project by basing it on the materials that you’ll be using. Doing so will ensure that everything will stay in place and won’t cause any problem during construction.

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