Building a Customer-Centered Keyword Strategy

by MWB News | Friday, May 22, 2015 | 668 views

Keyword ResearchKeyword research is a vital piece of the puzzle that makes a successful online marketing campaign. Keywords provide you with insights about your customers and improve the content you produce for your firm’s website.

As search evolves with updates and technology, the challenge is to stay ahead of the competition. Lawyer Marketing Expert cites that marketers must consider the different ways that users search, such as mobile, voice, as well as the user expectations and length of queries.

The Length of Queries

Blue Nile Research released a study that revealed that users are 50-50 split on using fragmented terms in search and fully formed searches. The same study also showed that 27% of searchers used questions when searching online, with ‘how’ as the most used prefix.

There is a rising number of people asking questions and using longer phrases when they use the search engines. They believe that using questions and longer terms leads to better answers to their queries. Your law firm can take advantage of this by targeting questions and specific searches to increase traffic and generate leads.

Taking Advantage of Voice Search

With the increase of mobile device usage, voice search has come into the forefront and became a force in search marketing. Mobile has overtaken desktops as a means of searching online, with searches averaging 5-6 keywords in each query.

Communicating with Your Customer Support Team

Who would have thought that your firm’s customer support team would play a vital role in keyword creation? The support team fields all of the questions your clients ask through live chat, emails, or answering phones.

Your support team helps you with knowing the most common queries and concerns your clients have, their thoughts about your service, and information you may have otherwise failed to put on your website. Collaboration with your frontliners will help you understand your clients and improve your keyword strategy.

Getting Information from Forums

With the increase in question search queries, there is no better place to get insights about your clients than forums. Sites, such as Quora, let users ask questions about all sorts of topics. Search forums for information and concerns of your target market.

Improve your keyword research and strategy by focusing on answering questions rather than targeting sets of words, mining forums for information, and working closely with your customer support team.

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