Categories of Wall-Mounted Shelves

by MWB News | Saturday, Mar 17, 2018 | 186 views

Book shelfEvery room needs storage space. The most efficient storage option for most areas is the use of shelves. There are various shelving options you can choose from depending on your preferred material, mounting and the weight of what you want to store or display.

The ideal shelf for property owners looking for a solution to maximise their use of space is a wall-mounted shelf. Regardless of your chosen type of shelf, it is essential to have expert installation and maintenance to ensure the durability of your wall shelves in NZ.

Shelving Shop Group cite below for us the different wall-mounted shelving options.

1. Fixed-Bracket Shelves

These shelves consist of separate brackets, which you can either use as detached or multi-unit shelving systems. They are available in wood or metal and are hinged or directly attached to a case or wall.

Fixed-bracket shelves, also known as suspension shelves, are available in a broad range of styles and sizes to fit virtually any interior.

2. Floating Shelves

These are a unique way for you to display items. Floating shelves have no visible nails or pins and seem to be floating over your walls. Their support uses internal brackets and are typically made of wood. They come in various styles, sizes, shapes, and designs and create perfect interior décor accessories.

3. Corner Shelves

These are a smart way to maximise use of space. Manufacturers make corner shelves of plastic, solid wood and laminated or engineered wood. You can have them tailored to fit virtually all spaces and come in a range of fancy styles.

Corner shelves can be wall-hung or floor-based and are a perfect solution for storage and display of items.

Top-hung shelves are ideal in storerooms and classrooms to store and display pens and books among other accessories. They consist of wall-mounted metal sections from which droppers and shelves are hung. They are however not ideal for lightweight walls.

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