“Conjuring” Sequel Blocked By Lawsuit

by MWB News | Wednesday, Apr 2, 2014 | 1225 views

The_ConjuringThe horror box-office hit “The Conjuring” was reportedly going to have a sequel, until legal battles between studio and producers stalled the project.

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Producer Tony DeRosa-Grund is locked in a legal tussle with Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema over the rights to the original film. The actions stalled progress for any spin-offs or content related to the Conjuring trademark as decided by both DeRosa-Grund and New Line.

DeRosa-Grund filed the suit for an alleged breach of contract and “other charges” for failing to pay for the underlying rights for the Conjuring sequel as well as a spin-off movie entitled “Annabelle.”

Where it All Began

The legal battles began when DeRosa-Grund accused New Line of blocking his deal with studio rival Lionsgate for a Conjuring series. The producer says he developed the stories from 8,000 case files of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, to whom the original movie is based.

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