Deflection Problems in CNC Swiss Machines

by Mwbnews | Friday, May 12, 2017 | 153 views

CNC MachineDeflection is a common problem when cross drilling using a Swiss-type machine. Some people get alarmed and immediately think that there is something wrong with either the machine or the size of the workpiece when it happens. The truth is, you should not worry.

It’s not the Machine

A CNC Swiss screw machine is commonly used for cross-drilling on workpieces. However, nobody says that workpiece deflection cannot occur. Deflection usually happens when the core or guide bushing is positioned somewhere away from the bar. The long distance makes it difficult for the machine’s nut to control and get access to the guide bushing.

It’s not the Workpiece

Simply using a different workpiece does not solve the problem. After all, it is not the real issue in the first place. Even if the deflection happens with a small workpiece, changing the part with something bigger may also result in the same thing.  Although instances of deflection may be minimized, there are other things you can do to solve the problem completely.

What You Need to Do

The first step is to determine the cause of the problem, which, in this case, is the location or distance of the guide bushing. Find a way to narrow the distance so the machine’s nut can influence the function of the guide bushing.

Get a tool that has an extended nose and works on extending the guide bushing that will provide easier access for the guide bushing. This way, you can work with your CNC Swiss machine without worrying about deflections.

There is an easy way to solve deflections when working with a CNC machine, and it does not only involve changing the workpiece. There is nothing wrong with the machine either. If the tip above does not work, you could use an extender that could also do the trick.

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