Don’t Be A Victim of Lemons

by Mwbnews | Thursday, Sep 4, 2014 | 716 views

used carsMore people are now buying used cars to save money. The problem in buying used cars is that they often are plagued with problems, such as scratches, dents and damaged parts. If you’re planning to buy a pre-owned car, but you’re worrying about landing a lemon, you can avoid this problem by researching and knowing how to spot a defective car.

Let this article help you buy a car that’s worth your money.

Do a Reputation Check

A good way to avoid a lemon is to gather information about the specific model you’re interested in. also encourages car buyers only go to trusted dealers or bid in legitimate auctions. Before handing over your well-earned money, scan through the internet and check out the car’s information, quality ratings and the dealer’s background. Join forums about car buying so that you’ll learn straight from fellow car-buyers what to buy and what not to buy. Read customer reviews as well. Consistent bad reviews should serve as a warning to you.

Inspect the exterior and interior

When you finally settled on a specific model, inspect the car and check its exterior and interior. Look for dents, scratches and other damaged parts. You should also spot if there is paint overspray because this might mean that the body was recently repaired or repainted to cover stains or rust. Check also for oil or water spills.

Go inside the car and inspect if there are broken knobs and handles, worn seats and belts, and discoloured carpets.

Test drive the car

It is important that you test drive the car. Step on the gas and be keen on any engine noise while driving. Noise may indicate that there are loose parts in the car. If you hear loud, knocking noises, be wary because that means the engine rod bearings are worn out.

Don’t be a victim of defective cars. Be informed and choose the quality used car that suits your needs.

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