Dubai Needs More Than 7,600 School Buses by 2020

by Mwbnews | Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017 | 24 views

A group of young children getting on the schoolbusMore than 7,600 school buses will be required by 2020 to meet a growing demand from primary schools in Dubai, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Shailesh Dash, chairman of Gulf Pinnacle Logistics, said that the increasing demand for school bus transportation would provide companies with business opportunities. The RTA also estimated that the city would need 14,455 school buses by 2030, compared to the current number of 6,500 registered school buses in Dubai.

Bus Transportation

Dubai is not only known for its world-class education system, but also for innovative solutions for transportation. For instance, Emirates Transport has reached the final stages of development for the first electric school bus in the city. Unlike diesel-powered buses, the 45-seater vehicle will run on battery, which will then lead to zero emissions.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Jarman, the general manager of Emirates Transport, said that the 45-seater bus reflects the company’s contribution to the U.A.E.’s initiatives for a green economy. It developed the electric bus in partnership with Shanghai Sunwin Bus Cooperation. Al Jarman said that the modern vehicle meets Dubai’s school bus rules, following several trips to the Chinese manufacturing facility to ensure compliance.

Vehicle Specifications

Representatives of Sunwin also went to the Middle Eastern country to understand how the weather and other conditions may affect the vehicle’s performance. Emirates Transport said that the bus currently has a distance coverage of 100 kilometres.

Al Jarman said that the e-bus’ pilot stage would travel on complete routes similar to those of traditional buses. The company will also build two power stations to help in recharging the vehicle every four hours during each stop.


Rising demand for school buses in Dubai indicate an increase in students, while innovative concepts for school transportation partly reflect the importance of improving resources related to education.

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