Facebook Live 360: Giving Businesses a Unique Marketing Edge

by Mwbnews | Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017 | 223 views

like buttonGiven the hyper-paced nature of digital technology, it is getting harder and harder for marketers to make any significant impact on their target audience. As users now have an attention span shorter than a goldfish’s, advertising companies have struggled with unique ways to stand out from other digital ads vying for audience attention.

The steady rise of online video holds promise, though. Various digital marketing blogs cover how the consumption of online videos has gone up steadily in the past few years. This makes video one of the most powerful communication tools for marketers — and it has just gotten better with Facebook’s live 360-degree videos.

The Immense Popularity of Videos among Users

Facebook’s Live 360 functionality first entered mainstream consciousness after the National Geographic video launch from the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. And now, studies of online videos show that 29% more people prefer watching videos in 360-degrees than in the traditional format. Since the appeal of 360-degree videos lies in its mobile-friendliness, it holds promise for businesses aiming to reach out to mobile users, as 56% of users log in to Facebook using only their mobile devices.

An Immersive Viewing Experience

360-degree videos are a revolutionary tool that can function as an immersive communication channel. Businesses have the option to create workplace tours to humanize their brand and provide consumers with insights on their company culture. Apart from communicating the human aspect of a company, 360-degree videos are a great way to showcase their products and answer questions customers might have about them in real-time.

Adding Value to Events Marketing

Viewers can gain personal perspectives on an event with the help of a 360-degree video. For companies that plan to hold large-scale events, charging fees for 360-degree coverage of an event can be another way to increase revenue and add hype to an event. The live stream can also serve the double purpose of promoting a forthcoming event as well. Furthermore, the coverage can also serve to promote locations.

Generating engagement lies in using emotive and sensory-rich videos. 360-degree videos can play a huge role in content marketing as a special type of video experience.

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