Farm Like a Pro: How to Improve Crop Yields

by MWB News | Monday, Aug 6, 2018 | 255 views

cropsIn 2015, the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture released a report that indicates a huge demand for college graduates with a degree in agriculture. This is because America is in a farming crisis. Only 6% of U.S. farmers are under the age of 35 and still physically capable of continuing their work.

Older farmers are now trying to make up for the shortage of younger, able-bodied ones. With this crisis, the quality and quantity of crop yield have become more critical.

How to produce better crops

It takes more than just skill to improve the crops farmers produce. Like ingredients in a recipe, mixing the right products such as soil, seed, and water will determine the quality of the crop.

A deep understanding of growing conditions in an area is vital. Choosing the right time to plant is the most important part of farming. Soil fertility should be optimal before planting to maximize the nutrients the soil gives to your crops.

Having a properly irrigated field is also an important part of producing better-quality crops. Water used for irrigation typically comes from the ground or surface water. But, minerals in surface water can build up in irrigation systems. That’s why maintaining a good agricultural water treatment system will prove beneficial for a farm. This decreases operation costs by preventing build-up and corrosion.

Apart from making sure that the soil and crops are well-irrigated, fields should also have proper drainage. Drainage ensures that the soil is aerated. Excess water can choke crops. It also reduces the loss of nutrients from runoff.

Finally, although fertilizers are often used in farming, its application should be limited. Not only is it terrible for the environment, but it also decreases soil quality over time.

All these practices help produce better crops at a faster rate. Now more than ever, a higher level of production is important to keep up with the demands of the population.

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