Flattering Shots: Posing for Photos

by MWB News | Friday, Jul 10, 2015 | 952 views

Flattering Shots Posing for PhotosThe secret to taking the perfect picture is not about looking perfect or attractive. After all, the most photogenic people are not necessarily the most beautiful. While looking good certainly helps, posing the right way is important if you want flattering photos. It is best to overcome your camera intimidation and learn how to pose for pictures.

Photographers in Cape Town, Bellville and Ceres share a few tricks when posing in front of the camera.

The Natural Smile

While smiling is common when posing for photos, it can be a little tricky. Smiling too wide can make you look silly, but trying to hide it can make you look sad or angry. The solution is to keep it natural, just like the smile you often do when there is no camera in front of you. If you’re not a fan of smiling with teeth, smile with your eyes, squinting with your lower eyelid.

The Right Angle

Cape Town photographers from Clayjar.co.za suggest avoiding direct head-on shots at all cost, as it makes your face look larger and wider. It is best to stand slightly sideways and tilt your head slightly up or down. Instead of staring directly into the camera, you can focus your eyes just above the lens. Show some personality or slightly raise an eyebrow for some drama.

The Right Position

Slightly tilt your body and roll one shoulder back, away from the camera, to create a 45-degree angle. Put the arm or hand closest to the camera on your waist to make your arms look smaller and your waist slimmer. If you find this pose too dramatic or a bit forced, hold your arms out from your sides slightly.

The Crossed Ankles

If you’re doing a standing pose, it is best to cross your legs to make your hips look slimmer and your legs longer. This pose also works well if you happen to be on a chair. Sitting up straight and crossing your legs at the ankles is more flattering than doing nothing. Don’t forget to practice good posture, as it gives you an appearance of strength and confidence.

It is true that posing the right way will make you look better in photos, but loosening up and having a little fun will also make a difference. When you are not trying hard to look perfect, you’ll have a more natural and flattering photo.

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