Game-Changing Tools and Technology from Pest Control Experts

by Mwbnews | Thursday, May 11, 2017 | 175 views

A Pest Control SpecialistThe pest control industry continues to grow. In America, ants, bedbugs, beetles, cockroaches, flies, rodents, and termites are the worst pests. Services provided by professionals to exterminate invasive species involve chemical, mechanical, and other alternative means.

Various tools are available to professional exterminators. For example, some companies in Indiana use the latest methods for effective termite control and extermination.

Technology is always evolving, and several recent innovations are proving to be useful to professional pest exterminators. Here are some of the tools that guarantee a resolution for pest-related issues.

Ultrasonic deterrent and birth control for rodents

Rodents are highly destructive. Worse, they are carriers of microorganisms that spread diseases. With the help of ultrasonic deterrence, mice and rats will stay away. Baiting rodents is not always reliable, especially if their numbers are great. When the device emits a sound that is beyond human perception, it drives rodents away and keeps them from coming back.

Another interesting alternative is rodent birth control, which can be more effective than traditional baits. Controlling the rate at which rats and mice breed is a good pest management strategy.

Electronic monitoring

Today, exterminators try to keep up with invasive and destructive insects. Tracking their activities using an electronic monitoring and web-based tools is part of many integrated pest management programs. Monitoring tools generate current and actionable data, which allow professionals to target specific populations and deal with them appropriately.

Bio-rational materials

Eco-friendly approaches are gaining popularity as well. Bio-rational materials have low environmental impact. The use of non-toxic substances to eliminate harmful insects and small mammals is the key feature of sustainable services now available in the United States. Eco-friendly pest control methods are essential to the execution of many integrated pest management approaches today.

Pests are harmful because they cause property damage and carry diseases. The tools and strategies used against them require constant review and improvements. Game-changing technology is now available to professionals, and you may get any of these from a local pest control company.

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