Get Around Singapore in Four Ways

by Fern Devito | Friday, Apr 27, 2018 | 550 views

Beautiful landscape photo of SingaporeIt may be a small country, yet you still need transportation to get to all the interesting places to go in Singapore. You will have multiple transportation options before you. You can definitely try out each one for the experience.

Go slow in a trishaw

You could always go around Singapore on foot, but if you want more mobility along with some historical value, you can ride a trishaw.

A trishaw is a pedal-run three-wheeled vehicle that became popular after World War II when Singapore lacked motorised transports. You can still find trishaws, which ply tourist routes in the city.

Tour around on a bus

Moving up in size, buses ply several routes around the city, making the bus system the most economical transport option. With the double-decked buses available, you can also enjoy scenic views of the city.

To ride a bus, you need to have a Singapore Tourist Pass or EZ-Link card. In the absence of both cards, you can pay with the exact amount.

Reach remote destinations in a taxi

For more precise travel from point-to-point in Singapore, you can take a taxi. Taxis make for perfect rides when you want to reach hole-in-the-wall destinations. You can easily hail a taxi from any point in Singapore, and costs will be determined by a meter.

Additional surcharges may increase your fare, however, depending on the time, place, and company of the taxi you get.

Barrel through the city on a train

Finally, for the fastest and best way around the city, you can ride the Mass Rapid Transit system. To ride the MRT, you can buy single-ride tickets, but you can also use the Singapore Tourist Pass or EZ-Link card.

With the cards, you can gain unlimited travel for one, two, or three days for S$10, S$16, and S$20, respectively. Trains begin to run the routes at 5:30 in the morning until midnight.

With this, you can explore Singapore, and even its attraction-filled Sentosa Island, using the transport systems above. Pick what you want to try out and enjoy the Garden City.

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