Going Green: Profitable Enhancements for Your Business

by Fern Devito | Thursday, Oct 18, 2018 | 330 views

Being Environment Friendly can help your businessGoing green for homes is the trend nowadays. However, the innovations that help the environment can also be used for your business as well. Here are some of the innovative upgrades that you can apply in your office to increase its eco-friendly functions.

Utilise More Natural Light

Going green in your company usually equates to being energy and cost-efficient. By using aluminium glass sliding doors instead of solid, opaque materials like wood for your doors, you’re allowing more natural light from the sun into your workspace. This not only efficiently illuminates your office but also promotes vitamin D circulation in your personnel, which in turn can increase their health and productivity. You can even amp it up by replacing your light fixtures with energy-efficient models such as LED lighting.

Use Less Paper

Paper is made from trees and the more demand people have for paper, the more trees will be cut down. As it is, the world is already feeling the negative impact of having less flora and forests. Whenever possible, use e-mails and other digital mediums for inter-office communication and documentation. Maximise the use of your office whiteboard and computer projector for meetings instead of paper handouts. This helps you save more money too since paper will still cost you extra.

Encourage Recycling

The biggest source of garbage and clutter in the office are disposable, one-time-use items such as paper cups and plastic bottles. Talk to your staff and encourage them to use “real” cutlery and mugs that they have at home and not the disposable ones that they often get from convenience stores and fast food chains. While you’re at it, replace your company machines and appliances with models that utilise recyclable materials such as coffee machines with recyclable filters.

Who says helping the environment can’t be profitable? You just have to adjust and make some big changes and watch the savings roll in. Given time, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits that going green can give you if you remain consistent with your eco-friendly improvements.

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