How Much Do Women in Utah Spend on Skincare Products?

by Mwbnews | Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 | 18 views

Woman using facial cleanserWomen in Utah spend $4.5 per day on skincare products, according to SkinStore’s nationwide survey of more than 3,000 females between 16 and 75 years old.

The amount pales in comparison to the average spending of $8 per day in the U.S., the survey noted. Skincare routines have become more diverse and varied with 85% of respondents saying that they use 16 products, ranging from facial cleansers to eye creams.

Face Value

The survey described the respondents in the West Coast as women with “moderately priced faces.” On the other hand, women in the East Coast have the “most expensive faces” with New York, Connecticut and West Virginia spending the most money on beauty products. Montana women spent the least on such items with an average daily rate of $3.50.

The respondents in the three states pay $11 per day on average for skincare items. This figure would mean that their estimated beauty expenses might cost up to $300,000 in a lifetime, according to the survey. New Yorkers also take the longest to complete their routines, as they require an average of 21 minutes. On the contrary, California respondents said that it only takes three minutes to finish their routines.

Link to Jobs

The amount of spending among the survey’s respondents indicates that there is an opportunity to make a living out of beauty. In Utah, for instance, Collectiv Academy notes that many cosmetology schools offer training courses for those who want to become hair and skincare experts.

The employment market in the state is currently on an expansion trend. Nonfarm payroll jobs rose by 39,400 jobs in October, up by an estimated 2.7%year over year, according to the state department of workforce services.

The amount of spending on cosmetic products indicated that the skincare business could be lucrative, either for those who want to start a business or people who want to work in the industry.

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