How to Make a Uni Campus Bike-friendly

by MWB News | Tuesday, May 15, 2018 | 244 views

Parked BicyclesBeing in a university town can be one of the best lifestyles a person can have. Living in the vicinity and getting easy access to the school is such a good combination. If the university is so vast and travelling from one place to another is tiring, the uni admin should implement a project that will benefit many students, teachers, staff, and even visitors. It will be a good idea if the uni has bike-friendly spaces.

This should not be hard work, knowing that there can be a lot of spaces inside the university that can be turned into bike-friendly areas. Here are some of the ways to do it.

Widen the pavements

If your roads are high-traffic and cannot allow bicycles to join, you can widen the pavements on the roadside. That way, you can have a space for bikers. You can draw a line distinguishing the pedestrian walkways from the bike lane. If you have a lot of road space to spare, why not create a bike lane?

Build shades and shelters

Once you have the ample space for cyclists, you can encourage people to bring their own bikes. To encourage them, you can build shades and shelters where they can safely keep their bikes. This should not be a problem, as there are many builders of cycle shelters in the UK.

Deploy uni-owned bikes

For those who do not have a bicycle, you can still encourage them to bike around the vicinity by deploying university-branded bikes. You can create a station system where a user can only use the bike from one station to another station within the university.

Implementing a bicycle-friendly university will not only make it easy for the students, teachers, and staff to go around the vicinity. It will also help them become much healthier. Further, it will help reduce pollution, since fewer people will be driving cars.

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