Installing Outdoor Playground Mats Increases Safety

by MWB News | Friday, Jul 14, 2017 | 254 views

Playground with rubber mat on the groundAs a parent, nothing will be as important as ensuring the safety of your child. Children love playtime, and you may want to consider how safe your backyard is. Outdoor playground mats provide a properly cushioned area where children can exercise and engage in creative play. There are a few benefits that they could get when they paly on quality playground rubber safety mats.

Safety and Durability

Outdoor playground mats are crafted using state of the art technology using rubber that is as thick as nearly 7 centimetres. They are resilient to harsh outdoor conditions. They are durable and can withstand the rough-and-tumble play for a long time. Proper cushioning acts as a shock absorber and greatly reduces the impact in case of a fall. It also ensures that kids do not hurt themselves when jumping and engaging in other rigorous exercises.


The aspect of stability is one that most parents cannot afford to overlook. Mats that contain loose-fill materials could pose a danger to children. Rubber safety mats are firm when properly installed and do not contain material that could be inhaled or choke younger children. They contain interlocking tiles that enhance the stability of the mats.


Rubber outdoor playground mats are entirely made from cast-off or reclaimed materials. The recycled rubber is turned into individual square tiles that create an interlocking puzzle that is both easy to install and to replace.

Dealing with a playground injury can be both devastating and expensive. Given the fact that at least 60% of injuries sustained by children during play is caused by falling, you cannot afford to overlook the benefits of investing in playground mats. The right product could significantly improve your safety standards within your home.

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