It is the Owner’s Responsibility to Inspect Gas Pipes and Report Problems to the Gas Company.

by MWB News | Friday, Apr 6, 2018 | 208 views

Professional staff checking gas pipeIt is autumn, and the leaves are turning golden, and the wind is turning cold. The time of the year when homeowners check their gas pipe fittings in time for the cold weather months. Checking the gas-fed heating system is a necessary part of ownership and preventive maintenance. The owner may not know how to install or even repair the gas pipes, and the gas heating system, but it is still his responsibility to check for leaks or abnormal operation.

Bends and Pipes

There’s a simple differentiation of responsibilities. The boundary of duties is the gas meter. Everything from the gas meter going into the house is the responsibility of the homeowner. Everything If it is from the main pipe going to the meter, it is the responsibility of the gas utility company.

This does not mean that the owner should do the repairs and installation of every gas pipe inside the house. It only means that he has to inspect these pipes and report them to the gas company. Or he can have a gas piping professional look into the matter.

The importance of professional credentials, education, training and certification is important. Homeowners who have no certifications are not allowed to fix any problem in the piping. Otherwise, they can end up with a heavy fine or even in jail.

The Nature of Gas

It is the nature of the gas as fuel to the heater, which makes it imperative that only professionals should fix the pipes. Gas can escape through small leaks. These leaks can accumulate in a small area and can lead to fires. Additionally, the gas itself is poisonous. A random spark like that of a light switch can start a fire if it is near a gas pool.

Amateurs and DIYers usually do not have the training to handle gas pipes. Only professionals are allowed to fix gas pipelines due to the danger of a gas fire.

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