Just Keep Swimming: Seafaring Activities Great for Children

by MWB News | Tuesday, Aug 16, 2016 | 1177 views

Whale WatchingWhen ‘Finding Dory’ first premiered in cinemas, there were many warnings that pleaded for folks to keep from disrupting the film’s message: that fish belong in the ocean. There are many other ways that children can feel more connected to their favourite fishy tales without harming them or their natural habitat.

In Western Australia, activities like whale watching could be even more beneficial for children in the end. Outdoor activities like that can give them a unique experience as well as the chance to socialise with other children who are interested in the same subject areas.

Here are a few alternative options available, rather than trying to find everyone’s favourite forgetful Pacific Blue Tang.

For the Adventurous Type

Instead of taking the creatures out of their homes, try visiting their homes instead. Take your kids on an adventurous vacation where they can interact in the water with different species of whales and dolphins. The most natural and least environmentally damaging way to observe and interact with animals is in their natural habitat.

Luckily, there are many opportunities available for activities of this nature, like whale watching. In places like Flinders Bay, there can be as many as 30,000 whales passing through at a time. There is nothing quite like witnessing a gentle giant of the sea breach the ocean’s surface in a spectacular, splash-framed arc.

Just make sure that when you and your family are on the lookout, you are all looking the right way.

For the Studious Type

Perhaps your kids have this sudden urge to know more about marine life and biology. Where does Dory come from and why is it that fish of her kind cannot breed in captivity? Questions like that are answerable through exploring the different exhibits in the halls of museums.

There are several museums in Western Australia for audiences of all ages. There are sights like unearthed ship wreckages as well as dioramas that detail the life cycles of certain species of marine life. These attractions serve the purpose of not only entertaining its guests with about all things nautical, but also educating them.

Stories like Finding Dory are about finding and going home. There are better ways to get to know these creatures without disturbing them or their natural habitats.

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