Keeping Your House on the Road: Upkeep for Your Recreational Vehicle

by MWB News | Tuesday, Jul 8, 2014 | 1253 views

recreational vehicleYou and your family have learned to love living on the edge – of roads, hilltops, and more, literally.

While the sun is still up, maximize the time you can spend with the family by travelling in your recreational vehicle. When everyone’s hyped up with the upcoming road trip and family getaway, do not forget to inspect your RV and perform proper vehicle maintenance. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Check the exterior parts.

After loading all the baggage on the RV, check the tire pressure before you turn it over. Find the proper tire pressure on the side of the tire or check your manual. This is to ensure a safe and trouble-free trip as each load, such as duffel bags and cooler, can increase the tire pressure. Make sure to regularly check if your hitch system is free from cracks, wear, or loose bolts. In case of malfunction during the ride, you need to find a recreational vehicle shop in Arkansas that can help you find the perfect solution for your vehicle needs, such as spare parts and tires.

Inspect the interior systems.

When loading up, make sure to keep the vehicle in a balanced and stable position by evenly packing the contents. You can check the information on the load capacity and weight distribution in the manual, and call a local dealership or repair shop. Also, inspect the vehicle for rodents and other animals that may chew through wirings and cause some damage.

It is important to check your electric and gas appliances; make sure that they are fully operational. If a gas appliance is not operating well, have an expert technician inspect it. Do not forget to clean your holding tank every time you empty it. Be cautious not to flush bleach, toilet paper, cooking grease, and other solids that may cause clogging.

Double check your car insurance.

Most vehicle companies provide car insurance policies for their products and services. Make sure to contact your local dealer and ask for the specific concerns you need to address, to maintain a fully functional and safe vehicle. Examine the terms and conditions, considering the current condition and the elapsed time period after acquiring the vehicle.

Prioritize the safety of the family by remembering these useful tips. After securing a safe and enjoyable trip, you can hit the road with no worries.

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