Little Fixes to Remember When Selling a Home

by MWB News | Sunday, Dec 10, 2017 | 245 views

A variety of tools used for home improvementThough overall property market in Australia is on the rise in the summer, you could be one of the homeowners who does not prefer to sell their properties during the summer season.

However, you could take advantage of the heat to prepare your home for the next house hunting season by improving your home. Though hiring a contractor could cost you a fortune, there are some simple home improvement ways yourself can do to attract buyers.

Home aesthetic improvements you can do on your own

Improving the exteriors is important as it is the buyer’s first impression. Look for unsightly broken walls and have it fixed with concrete crack repair products. Have your home freshly coated with light-coloured or neutral paint if it had not been painted on for years. Choosing paint over wallpaper is more affordable. You could brighten up your front porch by planting lovely flowers. Replace any broken doorknobs and window locks for buyers to see the home’s security.

Fix home details that could impress buyers

Don’t get caught off guard during a home viewing. Ensure that everything buyers see inside your home is functioning. Broken lights and faulty water taps could turn off buyers. You may also want to improve your kitchen by repairing and painting the cupboards. In the bathroom, you need to ensure that it has no plumbing problems and floor tiles are clean and intact. Remember, your home needs to make a good impression. Finally, you would want to serve home viewers some snacks they could enjoy while they tour your home.

There are simple things you could do on your own to increase home value. Small fixes like and repairs are only some of the affordable improvements you can do.

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