Make Family Weekends Enjoyable With These 3 Totally Great Activities

Trampoline ActivitiesWhat to do this coming weekend? This question seems to be the most asked in many households, particularly with close-knit families. Some of them may opt to play computer games together, while others may choose to watch their favorite shows on TV.

As weeks and months go by, however, these activities can become dull and boring. If you’re looking for some variety, then maybe you might want to use your trampoline to enjoy fun filled activities. If you don’t have one, you can find trampolines for sale in sports or specialty stores.

Jump and Bounce

You might ask: what’s fun about jumping? Try asking your kids because according to Boston Globe, jumping on the trampoline is among their favorite activities. Don’t you know that almost every segment in America’s Funniest Home Videos involves a trampoline? Go see for yourself and you’ll find out. Okay, so it’s not like suggesting that you do the same silly stuff they’ve done on trampolines. Although you’re free to try these out if you wish. However, you can make your trampoline into something more than just an object that allows you to jump and bounce. It’s time to release the creative you.

The Basketball Superstar

It’s not only Michael Jordan or LeBron James than can soar high up in the air to perform that fabulous dunk. You can too! On a trampoline, that is. Attach a plastic basketball board and hoop high up on one of the poles in your trampoline. Make sure it’s firmly attached and won’t fall down. Now, you can play a new kind of fun-filled basketball game with the entire family where your kids are the dunk stars, not you, unfortunately, since you won’t be allowed to jump.

The Waterfall

Get one or two regular sprinklers and attach them to the trampoline poles. Position them in a way that water would be spraying high into the air and drop in or near the middle of the trampoline. Finally, adjust the nozzles so water comes out in a fine spray. Change into your bathing suits and jump high to feel the spray which will feel like those of a waterfall. Best of all, this activity can cool you down during summer. Just have to be very careful when you jump as the surface can be really slippery.

The Skipping Rope Challenge

The skipping rope game is a fun-filled activity that your kids and even you would most certainly enjoy. It’s easy to do; but have you tried doing it on a trampoline? Position two members of your family on opposite sides, while one will attempt to perform the highest number of jumps she can get. Without a doubt, even the most skilled among you will not be able to get a good number of jumps.

Van Gogh and Picasso

After doing these activities, all of you would definitely feel tired. This is the time to set free the artist in you. Get some white and colored chalks and make the trampoline your giant canvas. Draw your favorite animal, plant, or anything that comes to mind. Don’t worry about the colored mess as this will easily come off when it’s continuously sprayed with water or jumped upon constantly. If you don’t feel like drawing on your trampoline, all of you might want to grab a quick nap. It’s a great place to do this, don’t you know?

As you can see, there’s more to trampoline than just regular bouncing or performing dangerous stunts. It can be used as exercise equipment. After all, Time Magazine has revealed a new study that finds trampoline exercise is better than biking and running. Best of all, it can be used as a converging area of the entire family for a fun-filled weekend. Just be creative and you’ll discover many other fun activities with your trampoline. Happy jumping!

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