For Managers: How to Create a Culture of Leadership

by MWB News | Thursday, Aug 21, 2014 | 829 views

LeadershipBeing a manager is no easy task, but there are those who take on the position and are rather relaxed about it. If the same is true for your management style, chances are that you think of leadership as an awkwardly glorified cliché. If you’re the type of manager who always engages in these thoughts, it’s likely that actually managing your employees is the least of your worries, something that might be evident in the way you act around them.

Leadership is never overrated. It is something that keeps an organisation together, alive, and running. It may sound cheesy, but it’s what drives innovation. It connects you to staff – the people who mobilise operations to ensure the materialisation of the organisation’s goals.  Change your mindset and believe in leadership once more. Once you get back on track, create a culture of leadership – organisations with a clear direction make wiser decisions and have more satisfied members.

Here’s how you can do it:

Open Up Professionally

Opening up professionally means giving your colleagues access to information that makes the organisation tick. InductPro believes that this helps employees adjust to bigger responsibilities and become more productive contributors. Make sure to control the stream of information to avoid professional and ethical issues.

Let Them Do It

Empower employees by allowing them to make decisions on things that matter. If the matters, however, are more serious than they can handle, start a program allowing them to experiment with their pursuits. When they experiment with new things (which should be related to business), they get a sense of independence and confidence that they can decide on their own.  Look at how Google did it. They allow engineers to spend 20% of their work week on things that appeal to them.

Reward Them

Giving rewards is an indication that you recognise the effort employees make. Be careful when handing these out, though. Make sure that their benefits are for the long-term. The highest form of reward that you can bestow is a promotion.

Organisations with a culture of leadership are more stable, as they have happy employees who trust each other. If you’re looking for models, just look at the most revered businesses in the world, such as Google and Apple.

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