Modular Construction 101

offsite construction work ongoingMan has always defied odds in trying to build structures that would last a lifetime. The pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall in China and other structures all over the world defied the tools and the technology available in their time. However, man’s quest to make structures faster, stronger and longer-lasting has never ended.

In recent years, the trend for constructing buildings, houses, bridges and other structures is to divide the entirety of the project into smaller sections. Each section is divided further into smaller sub-sections to prioritise which parts should be done first.

This trend has brought about what we call modular or offsite construction. This is a system where the place where the building will be will not necessarily be where the construction of the parts of the building will be done.

Puzzle pieces

New technology in construction allows contractors to fabricate smaller parts of a structure in a warehouse or an assembly area and deliver the finished part or parts to the construction site. The business of construction is now like building a puzzle, and the parts come from different locations.

Once the parts arrive in the construction site, what is left to do is assemble them in how the designers imagined them to look as a whole structure. This is the only time where actual construction activity will be done on the site. However, as compared to previous construction styles, offsite construction only requires the parts to be connected, either with bolting, rivets or concrete.

Time is of the essence

People value time more than ever. Therefore, innovations in creating a structure from the ground up with lesser and lesser time provide an avenue for people to maximise productivity and profitability.

The trends in construction right now defy the traditional way in which we consider the time and money it takes to build a house, a building or any structure for that matter. Indeed, times are changing for the better.

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