Outdoor Beauty Redefined: Creating Your Garden Haven

by MWB News | Thursday, Jun 4, 2015 | 1424 views

Wild FlowersEveryone dreams of having a perfectly manicured and landscaped garden. The wonders of having a myriad of flora surrounding the home are godsend for homeowners. It is a private haven where you can relax and enjoy your afternoon tea with friends.

Landscaping involves a great deal of planning to make all the elements work. When it comes to landscaping, Kent professional garden designers recommend the following advice for your floral haven:

1. Do not packing in as much plants as you can

You do not want to see a lot of brown and bald spots on your garden; this does not mean you should cover the soil with as many greens as you possibly can. You will end up wasting the space in your money – and your money. As soon as these plants start growing, your garden will appear overcrowded. You might not have any choice but to remove some of your plants and make space.

2. Remember the other seasons

It is important to consider the seasons when choosing your flora. Peonies and roses are great during the spring and early summer, but they will not flourish once the cold season starts. If you want to have a beautiful garden all year long, buy plants that are suitable for any season. Some of your best options are perennial grasses and evergreen shrubs.

3. Choose your colours well

While it is tempting to splash as much colour as you can in your garden, mixing too much can be anything but pleasing to the eyes. There is simply too much going on with all the colours in your landscape. Choose a palette of three colours when it comes to the design. You can even choose plants that bloom white flowers to balance the hues in your garden space.

With a little bit of creativity and expert landscape assistance, you can turn your outdoor space into your dream garden.

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