Planning to Establish Your Own Sea and Air Cargo Business? Here’s How.

by Mwbnews | Monday, Sep 25, 2017 | 40 views

Man working on his air cargo business with his laptopStarting a sea and air cargo business consists of shipping several types of consignments from a precise area of origin to a local or international destination. Most people recognise this kind of business as freight forwarding.

The cargo forwarder consolidates small deliveries into a single bulk shipment and uses strapping tools to keep the cargo safe. They even use ocean or aircraft vessels to transport the articles to the selected destination.

Understanding the Business

Ensure that you do your research regarding the industry because it is a complex market filled with different procedures and parameters. A skilled cargo forwarder must have a thorough familiarity with the financial characteristics of trading, trade practices and theories, and international law. You have to know about the documentation, shipping methods, customs regulations, insurance coverage, warehousing and foreign markets.

Besides, you also have to determine how you will be able to register your business for sea licensing and air certification in your country.


You will then have to go about the insurance necessary for your company and your clients’ goods. For your employees, apply for the needed small business insurance coverage. Meanwhile, you would have to get a liability coverage in the scheme of marine insurance to protect your company from loss or damages with shipments.

Afterwards, search for insurance that will be able to cover the number of goods you are shipping, either by sea or air. You also have to look for liability insurance for your staff in the event of an accident.

Sea and Air Shipping Types

When it comes to sea shipping, there are a couple of various operations to choose from, namely ocean freight forwarder and NVOCC. Meanwhile, air shipping would mostly include partnering up with cargo airlines to be able to transport the goods.

With the tips listed here, you are a step towards starting your own business. Ensure that you think all your decisions through to avoid mishaps.

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