Plastic or Metal Strapping? Check Out Their Properties

by Fern Devito | Wednesday, Jun 27, 2018 | 40 views

Strapped cargo boxThe existence of plastic strapping in the cargo-securing industry came about as a result of the need to strap goods in the applications where metal strapping did not make sense. Usually, metal strapping was the only option for securing products but was not practical for all types of items.

You would also need appropriate tools for proper strapping, which, in most cases, are expensive. Plastic straps have come to widen the scope of cargo-securing materials as they offer a variety of choices when handling lighter items.

It is, however, necessary you understand how this strapping differs with steel straps before determining whether it is the right option for your applications. If, however, you determine that steel straps will work for you, do not forget to use the right metal strapping tool for safe securing.


Steel is stiff and hence does not possess elongation characteristics as does plastic. The latter can extend for long within the permissible elastic range. After applying tension on steel, it is unlikely that it will return to the original length.

Plastic strapping, however, recovers its shape in less time. Polyester does not stretch very much, thus making it useful when strapping rigid goods. Polypropylene and nylon extend more and are helpful in holding shrinkable items in place.

Recovery Time

The level of recovery your material will exhibit is subject to the time you applied and the level of tension. Plastic strapping recovers faster when you release the tensioning equipment almost immediately. However, over time, your material will experience tension decay.

If you need high tension at the beginning, polyester and nylon are the best materials to use. Polypropylene has the most tension decay — useful when you require low tension straps.

It is clear that your application dictates the appropriate strapping to use. With that, you can then distinguish whether plastic or metal strapping will give you the highest performance and at a considerable cost.

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