Prevent Electrical Accidents: Use Shrink Tubes For Insulation And Safety

by MWB News | Sunday, Feb 21, 2016 | 713 views

Prevent Electrical AccidentsWhen you wish to provide exposed electric wires a form of insulation, then use heat shrink tubes. The heat shrink tube is made of nylon, polyolefin or any similar heat resistant material. When these materials are heated they shrink and hence, the copper coils within them get tightly wound. As the materials used to make shrink tubes are resistant to chemical and are durable, the tubes form excellent insulators for electric wires.

Certain Features And Uses Of Shrink Tubes

Heat shrink tubes from Engineering Supplies are usually used for domestic purposes such as covering an interwoven or spliced electrical cable, domestic purposes or even for military use. Some of the features and their corresponding utility of shrink tubes are as follows:

• As these tubes are heat resistant they can be used to cover up any exposed electrical wiring in the house.

• Most of the materials used to make the shrink tube are unreactive to chemicals. So it can be used in laboratories, factories to cover electrical wiring.

• The special adhesive lines tubes have glue inside the tube. This ensures that the wire lodged inside the tube does not move.

• The tubes are quite flexible and hence, multiple shrink tubed can be joined to form a single socket.

Heat shrink tubes are quite versatile and hence, it is one of the commonest wiring seen at homes. Sometimes, these tubes are used inside a conceal wiring pipe to provide additional insulation.

Choosing A Shrink Tube  

Always purchase a shrink tube based on your requirements. If you are looking to cover a spliced wiring select good quality shrink tube that can withstand high temperatures. It is always better to increase the tube length by 25% of your basic calculation. Next time you see an exposed wire at your home cover it up easily with a shrink tube.

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