Prevent Package Damage in Your Warehouse with These 5 Tips

by MWB News | Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017 | 271 views

Bottle being packaged in a boxYou can use wraparound cartoners you can buy from firms such as PAKSMART for boxes that you ship. But sometimes, they suffer damage along the way. There may be a few other reasons why your cartons look mangled.

If you have been in the packaging or manufacturing business for some time, you know what this means. It may be the fault of the packaging equipment, the movement from equipment to pallet or simply human neglect.

Instead of jumping to conclusions and blaming someone or something incorrectly, find ways to reduce package damage through these tips.

Check your pallets

Sometimes loose planks or protruding nails may be the cause of damaged cartons. And usually, it may go unnoticed until you need to move the cartons. Many overlook this minor detail in storing packages, but if you maintain your pallets well, they should not cause any problems.

Use more light

The clearer you see what is going on around the warehouse, the more aware you are of things that can cause damage to anything that is in it – including packages. Add light to places where there is heavy movement.

Keep aisles clutter-free

If they are not, they can cause product damage. For example, if a forklift carrying boxes bumps into something that should be there, it can cause major damage, and not to mention loss.

Do not overload

Know the weight limit of your racks. This is another factor people often overlook but causes most of the package damages in a warehouse. If you overload a rack or load packages in the wrong way, it may collapse causing not only damage, but also inventory loss.

Install low clearance warnings. You can install this to protect people or vehicles, but there is no denying that it can also protect packages from being dropped from forklifts or transport vehicles.

The point is, keeping a safe warehouse and working ergonomically is key to protecting your packages. This should help prevent any further package damage in your warehouse.

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