Put a Ring on It: Here’s the Right Time to Propose Marriage

by MWB News | Friday, Oct 19, 2018 | 330 views

Man proposing to a womanBefore deciding whether to go grand or low-key, like choosing between grand flash mob dances and a simple dinner, marriage proposals start with the question: “When is the right time to do it?”

Some people believe it should come after specific years of being in a relationship. Others think you do it when you feel like doing it. The truth is there’s no definite timeline for a proposal. But, these things should give you a hint that it’s time to put a ring on it:

You Both are Aware of Each Other’s Imperfections

And you accept these things as they are. Many people decide to get married with the thinking that when they level-up their relationship, their partner would sort of do the same. They would do the laundry more often, for instance, or be a morning person. The problem with this thinking is that it sets up misguided expectations, which rarely translates to reality. It’s the recipe for a disastrous relationship.

When you’ve finally embraced the idea of your partner is as crazy as you, and you don’t expect a marriage to be the solution to their craziness, it’s a sign that you’re ready to spend a lifetime with that person.

You Can Navigate Difficult Conversations

At the first few months of dating, your conversations are all about the lovey-dovey stuff. But as you progress into the relationship, it’s going to gravitate towards real-life relationship-related dilemmas, like religious views or money management.

If you’re competent at navigating these kinds of conversations, it means you’re ready to bend the knee and pop the question. Aside from a test of readiness, though, these difficult conversations can also give you a hint as to how your partner would want the proposal to go. If you have a frugal partner, for instance, it’s wiser to keep the proposal low-key and the ring not too grand. AAA Jewelers noted that many Salt Lake City jewelry experts can help you find that simple yet sophisticated piece.

You Sort of Agreed on Major Life Decisions

Owning a house and having kids will be a huge part of your life later on. If you have a sense of agreement on these crucial decisions, then it’s already worth taking the relationship to the next level. If you haven’t yet, spend time talking about it. It’s not romantic to discuss mortgage and parenting discipline styles, but if you don’t agree on these things early, you might end up putting a strain on your marriage.

Now, are you ready to propose and take your relationship to the next phase? If you are, then go put a ring on it.

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