Regulations for Relocating and Modifying Above-Ground Welded Storage Tanks

by MWB News | Thursday, Jul 26, 2018 | 83 views

aboveground storage tanksAPI 653 is a set of rules for checking aboveground storage tanks or ASTs. These rules make sure welded storage tanks used for liquids stored at air pressure will continue to work properly.

API 653 also has rules for moving, repairing, and changing anything about an existing AST built according to the API 650 or API 12C standards. It may seem like a lot of trouble for just moving or repairing a storage tank. However, there are good reasons for these rules you should know.


Welded ASTs became popular between 1960 and 1990. Welded tanks were strong. They also had fewer weak points than tanks with rivets or bolts. Many people cut up these tanks and made welded tanks. However, a reconstructed tank of an oil company broke down in 1988. Oil spilled into the nearby river.

This polluted the water supply of about 1 million people. It broke down because the weld was not strong enough. Three years later, the American Petroleum Institute published the API 653. This had the rules for moving, repairing, and reconstructing ASTs safely.

Section 9

The API 653 has many sections. The one on moving or repairing tanks come under Section 9. In this section, the rules state that planned repairs have to get approval from a storage tank engineer or API certified inspector.

It includes the requirements the engineer or inspector has to follow when taking off and putting back the shell plate. It also discusses how to install a door, put in a new bottom, and other important notes.

Section 10

The rules on reconstructing tanks fall under Section 10. It states that any planned changes to a tank have to get approval from a storage tank engineer or API certified inspector. You cannot do anything to the tank without approval. The section also guides the engineer or inspector on the right ways to do it.

You need to check API 653 tank modification rules. This can help you when making plans to move, repair, or change anything with your aboveground storage tank.

It is even a better idea to have a professional make the plans for you. You can get approval from a storage tank engineer or API certified inspector more easily that way.

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