Retail Store Tips to Bring in More Customers

by MWB News | Wednesday, Jan 3, 2018 | 245 views

Bike shelter for the customers of the storeWith retail competition today, a welcome sign on the shop door is not enough to encourage customers inside. Here are tips on how to make your store more enticing, and your business more profitable.

Know How to Place Products

How you place your products in your store affects sales. Studies show that customers shop on a counter-clockwise movement meaning that anything on the right of a customer is more likely to attract their interest. Taking advantage of this may mean you place your best products to maximize sales; alternatively, putting items on the right provides an opportunity to sell items that rarely move from your inventory.

Store-front windows are your prime advertisement to passing shoppers. Think through what image you want your store to portray. Layout your store-front display accordingly, incorporating your best-sellers to lure customers over the threshold. Although they may be in the window display, items that sell well should be placed farther away from the entrance. Customers will browse more products if what they originally wanted is at the back of the store.

Go to the Customer

Some retail stores today offer delivery services within a certain area to increase the convenience of shopping at their store. The internet is your friend, so use it to establish an online delivery service ‒ not only to improve your image as a customer-friendly retailer, but to increase customer loyalty and sales.

Encourage Bike Users

Bike use in the UK is growing, with more people understanding the value of exercise combined with transport that is not constrained by normal traffic congestion. With the increase in bicycle traffic, the need for bike shelters in the UK has increased. They are low key, low maintenance and easy to install. They provide a convenient solution for customers, particularly if your store location isn’t conducive to 4-wheel parking.

Retail is a tough business to be in, which is why it makes sense to think both practically and creatively to win new customers. You cannot stop customer preference or retail competition, but you can change how your store operates to strengthen its appeal ‒ so start thinking how to make the change happen.

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