The Rocking Wonders of The Rocks, Sydney

by MWB News | Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014 | 1288 views

sydney tourThe Rocks is right at the heart of Sydney with must-see attractions for the discerning tourist. As such, it is a place that is filled with fun and excitement for travellers. It is rich in culture, history, and wonder.

After securing your preferred accommodation at The Rocks in Sydney, you can enjoy the many attractions it has to offer. Here are some of them:

Bridge Climb

The Harbour Bridge is one of Sydney’s finest tourist attractions. Treat yourself to a spectacular 360 degree view of Sydney as you climb atop the summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is definitely a once in a lifetime activity that is worth breaking your budget for.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)

This premiere Rocks museum houses extraordinary artworks made by contemporary Australian artists from television, film, video, laser, paintings, sculpture, as well as other media of visual arts. It also features a noteworthy café and gift shop.

Sydney Observatory

No trip to Sydney would be complete without a visit to the famous Sydney observatory. It is a working museum where visitors can enjoy a stellar treat as they gaze up into the stars and all the celestial bodies above. It is one of Sydney’s most famous spots to date.

The Rocks

The place is a melting pot of Colonial and Cosmopolitan Sydney and this is reflected in the streets. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the restored buildings as you walk on wonderful cobblestone streets.

The Markets

The area is host to a multitude of markets with eclectic stalls. No tour would be complete without a shopping spree for local treats and knickknacks. From locally-produced wares to fabulous linen products by esteemed local designers, you are sure to have a great shopping experience at The Rocks.

The Pubs

The Rocks has a host of great local pubs to enjoy a good pint at after a fun day of strolling through Sydney. These include famous local hotspots such as Orient, The Mercantile, and The Observer. Quench your thirst and enjoy an evening of festivities.

Enjoy a truly rocking experience that only The Rocks can offer. See these exciting tourist attractions for yourself today.

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