Sliding Glass Door Systems: The Winning Qualities That Make Them Special

by MWB News | Friday, Jan 5, 2018 | 175 views

House with sliding glass doorsGlass doors come in different styles, but nothing combines form and function better than a gliding type does. Although sliding glass door systems are not for everybody, they offer a unique set of advantages discerning homeowners love to have:

Space-Saving Operation

Sliding doors don’t need space behind or in front of them to operate. If you’re replacing hinged units, they let you reclaim every inch of the surrounding floor for furniture arrangement. Thanks to the way they move, they don’t interfere with finished outdoor areas, like patios or balconies, and obstruct pathways.

Large Access

Sliding glass doors are usually wider than they’re taller. Their design maximises the size of your wall opening, lending themselves to egress and bulky furniture relocation. In addition, you promote maximum ventilation.

Expansive View

Compared with other exterior door types, sliding ones make the best glass walls. They can frame large pieces of the outside world to spice up your interior design. They extend the gaze beyond the four corners of your room and produce seamless indoor-outdoor connections, creating an illusion of more space.

Furthermore, sliding doors can be completely recessed into the framework, erasing any evidence of the door. In turn, they become transparent barriers to capitalise on wonderful panoramas and introduce a sense of openness to your space.

Abundant Daylighting

Generally, sliding door systems have high glass-to-frame ratios. Their generous use allows them to catch a profusion of sunlight to illuminate your interior space naturally and help reduce your dependence on artificial lighting. With high-performance glazing technology, they can filter out the sun’s unwanted heat and harmful UV radiation, letting in just the sunshine.

Sliding doors are not without weaknesses, so make sure to invest in products with a sophisticated locking mechanism and sturdy framing. Take note of privacy as well to avoid showing off the goods and keep your valuables away from prying eyes. Other than that, you’re good.

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