Small Yard and Pool Design ideas to Beautify Your Home

by MWB News | Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | 327 views

Pool design being sketchedAre you thinking of installing a pool, but are having doubts because of the limited size of your yard? You can still push through with your plans because there are ways to maximise your space and bring out the best in the type of swimming pool you want to install.

Guardian Industries and other experts in lap pool design and installation list the following ideas to make the most of your small space and pool.

The Curves

Keep in mind that you have other options than the usual rectangular pool. Circular-shaped — or those with curves and irregular shapes — are beautiful alternatives, as well. The circular shapes, combined with canopy and stone, can create a tropical ambience if done properly. This makes your backyard an ideal getaway after a tiring day at work. Mix in some lighting and your pool will not look as small as it actually is.

Going Deeper

If an irregularly sized pool still cannot fit in your small backyard, then you have to compromise its area and focus on its depth. Build a deeper pool with a staircase design on the side, so you and your family can measure how deep they could go. If you don’t plan on hosting big pool parties and simply want a place to take a dip, having a smaller pool isn’t all that bad.


Many modern houses use a simple design, which is often characterised by cubic forms and straight lines in most of the interiors. With this architectural concept, the landscape surrounding it must match. When installing a pool, make it look like an extension of your home rather than a distinct and isolated place in your backyard. Have the designer and builder create a deck that serves as a transitional area between the swimming pool and the house.

These are only some ideas you can implement to maximise your small backyard when building a swimming pool. A small pool may not be big enough to train for the Olympics or any water-related competition, but it will be a charming addition to your backyard.

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