Taking a Step Back: A Look at Traditional Marketing

by MWB News | Sunday, Jun 25, 2017 | 261 views

Desk with most common traditional giveaways: pens, notes, padsIn a world of online marketing and business strategies, it can be hard to imagine how companies managed to survive before the existence of the Internet. Some businesses have made the shift towards online marketing, but there are those who see the effectiveness and importance of traditional ones.

Refresh the strategies you have always loved before the advancement of technology and see how you can breathe marketing life into it once again through your company.


Pads, pens, envelopes, gift cards, tags and other kinds of stationeries are common giveaways by companies. Stationery as a marketing tool is still widely used all over the world because it is still one of the most effective offline marketing methods.

What are you waiting for? Contact your stationery printer now and see how your company can enjoy the seemingly forgotten power of stationery freebies.

Get involved in the community

Take part in free community services or be one of their partners/ sponsors. Getting your logo out for the public to see, not to mention your presence through your products or services, can surely give your company a big boost.

Local print ads

Get in touch with your local newspaper and get your business featured in an ad. If you did not know, there are still people who read news using newspapers, and you would be able to reach them through posting your ad in your daily local.

Direct calls and mails

Establish direct contact with your customers by calling them directly. Otherwise, sending them a snail mail is not only affordable but also personal. After all, who would say no to traditional mail in this world of emails?

Take a step back and allow your business to experience the beauty of traditional offline marketing. Sometimes, taking a step back is what you need to give your business a fresh breath of marketing air.

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