The Importance of Using the Right Packaging for Fruits and Vegetables

by MWB News | Wednesday, Aug 8, 2018 | 488 views

Fruits and VegetablesFor growers and marketers, the right packaging during transportation serves as one of the most important aspects in bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to consumers. Whether you use sack bags, boxes and crates, or fruit bins and pallets, it has different benefits for both stakeholders and consumers, notes A.I.M. Sales.

Less Spoilage

Every product needs a special way of handling to increase shelf life. The proper packaging of fruits and vegetables helps decrease any incidence of spoilage. Sturdy containers prevent damage due to poor stacking during storage and handling during delivery. Do you think consumers will buy a product with torn and deformed packaging?

Increase in Revenue

Less spoilage means lower operational cost, which translates into an increase in revenue. As experienced dealers and marketers already know, a significant amount of losses—some even consumer complaints—comes from improper handling of products.

Marketing Strategy

Knowing how to maximise the use of product packaging can be very helpful in some ways. Strategic marketing helps promote your products at a lower cost and runs for a longer period. So instead of using generic, blank boxes or bins, announce to the world the producer of these fresh products by simply having the logo printed on the box.


Due to growing environmental concerns, more and more industries are turning to packaging materials that can be either recycled or biodegradable, much better if both. In fact, a large number of fruits and vegetable consumers are aware of environmental issues concerning proper packaging and disposal, which affect the way they choose products.

Through safe and efficient handling of products, you get to increase your business revenue. Eventually, the demand for your products will grow as consumers often only choose products where freshness is retained from farm to market.

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