The Most Common Newbie Mistakes by Truck Drivers

by Mwbnews | Friday, Jun 9, 2017 | 151 views

Truck driver posing for the cameraDriving trucks for a profession is an enormous responsibility. Maneuvering such large vehicles carrying tons of valuable cargo requires the utmost skill and responsible judgment of the driver to deliver the load on time and navigate roads safely.

But as long as trucks require human drivers, errors will occur, sometimes fatal ones. These are some of the most common mistakes new truckers make, which Commercial Driver Training, Inc. says are essential to enlighten operators on the extra safety measures and training drivers need.

Misunderstanding the Job

Newbie truckers can have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the job they’re offered. Most assume that they’ll be getting the best jobs without needing to climb ladders and skip all the grind work that others are doing.

In reality, new drivers are often assigned terrible routes, cumbersome or awkward loads, and a meager salary that’s way below their initial expectations. Being a newbie means you have to spend more time on the road than at home, despite any claims to the contrary by your employer. Bottom line is, being newbie means working hard for better benefits.

Overestimating Abilities

Being new and untested, newbie drivers often have a pretty high opinion of their skills. Knowing all the basics doesn’t automatically qualify them for every trucking job out there.

As mentioned above, truck driving comes with an enormous amount of responsibility, and overconfidence can translate into unsafe driving habits. Drivers cannot afford to make mistakes too often, as they can endanger the lives of everyone on the road, including their own.

Overlooking Safety Practices

Rushing rarely does any good, and the same goes for safe truck driving and preparations. Most drivers skip checking tire pressure, load tie-downs, and appropriate fluid levels as they hurry to get in the driver’s seat to hit the road. They often fail to realize that a few minutes of truck inspection ensures a breakdown-free trip.

People who enter this profession have varying levels of skill and experience. It never hurts to know one’s limits, grasp the fine details of the job, and maintain safe driving habits. After all, it’s more than just the cargo on the line.

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